You're Gonna Miss this...Moment, Zoo Trips

What a day! We took the munchkins to the Riverbank Zoo today. We met up with some old friends we hadn't seen in years, pre-kid friends. Kate over at Kate's Musings and her lovely family. 4 kids in tow and everyone stayed together, got along, and were well behaved... I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend my Saturday. My hubby and Kate's hubby had a nice time catching up after all these years, the kids enjoyed the company of other mini-munchkins to run and play with. Kate and I were just glad to see each other. The last time we saw one another in person was at my wedding! Kate is who started me on this whole "blog thing."

Zane, Nate and Audrey ready for our fun day ahead.

I am absolutely going to miss taking my kids to the zoo, I love watching them get excited over simple things like monkey's swinging from a tree.

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Pam said...

Great MOMENT!! So glad you had such a fun time!!

Elena Clemons said...

Hey -- that's Nate!! I knew you and Kate were friends, but wasn't sure of the connection. She started our writing group a few years ago in GA and it inspired me to continue writing. Tell her hello -- still waiting to see her update on the blog.

kate said...

So cool! We had so much fun too! It really was a great day, wasn't it? I am just so happy that we had the chance to do it and spend some time with you all before your move...it's rare to find people you really connect with, thanks for being one of them in my life!

KC said...

Sounds like fun and what a great moment.