Our Last Disney Park, Animal Kingdom

We've finally made it to the last park to be featured, Disney's Animal Kingdom. During this trip we didn't get to enjoy it as much as we have in the past, because my kids were pretty spent by this point & every person in the western hemisphere showed up at the front gates the same day we did. Oh yeah... and there was the dripping, steamy, humid, weather to contest with too :)

We went on the Dinosaur ride for the first time. Very cool, except it was a tad too real for my son who vowed to never go on it again as long as he lives. But the one ride everyone enjoyed no matter what age is Kilimanjaro Safari. (It reminds me a lot of the main ride at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego.) You are transported to Africa to save the reserve from poachers. All the wildlife wondering around without cages together is something to see.

It was a good day exploring all the worlds inside this huge park.
Our favorite things:

*my son: Kilimanjaro Safari, Primeval Whirl
*my daughter: Dinosaur, TriceraTop Spin, It's Tough to be a Bug
*my hubby: Maharajah Jungle Trek, Kilimanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest
*mine: Expedition Everest, The Tree of Life, Finding Nemo-the musical

We finished the day with a fun meal at The Rainforest Cafe. One of our favorite restaurants. I hope you've enjoyed this way too lengthy look at Disney World. You will now be returned to regular scheduled blogging :)

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...


Epcot Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know I am WAY behind on adding the rest of our family's Orlando vacation on here. Sorry life just never slows down around our house and since summer is in full swing I am on permanent "mommy, entertain us!!" mode with the kiddies.

Epcot was a lot of fun. Sure it's more educational than the other parks, but don't think it is any less fun! We had a blast.

Favorite things break down:
*my son: Test Track, Turtle Talk with Crush
*my daughter: Mexico, Mission to Mars
*my hubby: Mission to Mars, Test Track
*me: the aquarium, The Worlds

One thing we all enjoyed was a band called "Off Kilter" in the Canada land. They were awesome! Very cool Irish bag pipe music set to drums and a rockin' show.

It was another scorcher. We spent a good deal of time splashing in the many fountains around Epcot to cool off. I for sure want to come back here again. I feel like we weren't able to see even half this park has to offer. One more park to go!!!

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...