Never Lose Hope, Haiti Relief

Recenly our family learned about a great organization and we wanted to share it with you...

With the horrible tragedy recently in Haiti it brought up a great opportunity to teach my kids about the importance of basic human needs. One of those is fresh drinking water. My kids love anything that involves science so they were very interested in what "Water Missions International" is doing during this tragedy. They make these amazing water filtration systems to allow people to purify their muddy, dirty water.

At my parents church they had one of these filtration systems there for people to see how they work, and help raise money for the relief efforts. They also allowed people to write little messages on the tank that will be sent to Haiti later this week. Here is what my children drew:

My daughter drew 2 friends sharing clean glasses of water, I hope 2 friends in Haiti will be standing there smiling at this image and raise their glasses together.

As I watched my 6 year old son write out "Never Lose Hope" around his drawn cross, tears filled my eyes. All on his own he knew they needed this message. Such a universal phrase, something we all need to remember in our darkest hour.

Regardless of faith, ethnicity, age... Never Lose Hope.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


Happy Tree Climbers & Neverending Boxes

Oh my goodness have things been nutty lately!?

We made it South Carolina December 22nd, 2009. Had a nice simple Christmas with my parents... Then, the unpacking began. We have too much crapola, I'm telling you. It is ridiculous the amount of stuff one can aquire in their life.

The kids started their new school after winter break. Thank the Lord they both LOVE their new teachers and have made friends fast. My hubby has settled in nicely with his new job, he's already trying to climb to the next level. (Such a workaholic!!)

How am I doing? Suprisingly well.
Yes, the basement is full of boxes yet to find a home.
The laundry is piled all over the house.
The fridge is empty cause I haven't been to the grocery store in like 10 days!
Moral of the story is our house is a mess, but we're all happy and healthy :)

The worst thing about our new place? NO INTERNET! I am dying (hence the lack of blogging) My cellphone keeps me minimally connected for now.

The best part of our new house is the yard! Acres of forest and creekfront property to explore. The kids are loving it (and I'm enjoying the silence inside while they are outside, ha ha)

I hope to catch up with you all soon and can't wait to share pictures of our beautiful log cabin on the lake! Um, once I get it clean of course :)

My munchkin was so excited when he made it up a fallen tree all by himself

My mini munchkin loves pretending she's a cowgirl on her horse when she's sitting on this log

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...