Married Life, 10 Years Later

I can not believe that in one month it will be 10 years since I married my husband. Technically we've been together 12 years, but 10 as husband and wife. why do we never get to count those years? I loved those first two! 


We have both changed so much since that wonderful day in August 2002. We're a little wider in the waist, and thicker in the head.

We've had our share of tough times, and many many happy times. 


And wow, the things we have learned! How to be good parents, how to live for someone other then yourself, how to persevere, and how to love. How to not hurt him when he's a pain in the butt.

I love the friendship we now have. In recent years we have grown to such a comfortable/easy place. And we have a blast together! He can make me laugh so hard my belly hurts.


I can not imagine what the next 10 years might bring, if it's anything like the first 10 then hang on because this is going to be a wild ride. Seriously, hang on. He takes corners in his pickup like we're on a nascar track. 

I "Live" you honey ;)  

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...