Hotel WiFi is crapola!

You gotta love a blackberry when the internet in the hotel is broken :) I had planned on giving American Idol results and showing you great pictures while we're away, but that'll have to wait until Monday. Small cell phone keys make it hard to type a bunch. We're all having a great time, I think all the seagulls in southern California have beenc hased by my son.

Today we are off to Sea World! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Ta Ta for now



American Idol... Group 2

Let me start off by saying I didn't get to see the entire show. After driving 6 hours with two munchkins in the car my brain is a bit tired.

So I caught the last few singers and the wrap up clip of every body... Here's what I thought:

Almost everyone sounded worse then I expected! What was with this week?

*Allison Iraheta: Shoe in. One of my favorites.

*Adam Lambert: Makin' it, but still weirds me out a bit.

*Jesse Langseth: OK, but her pronunciation is weird.

*Mishavonna Henson: Cutie, needs to show off a bit more.

Everybody else? Not so much. Who do you think did the best? Did the worst? Again remember I was only able to catch the highlight clips at the end for most of the performances and would love to know your opinion of the show. A more thorough break down will return next week when I am not on a mini-vacation:)

Ta Ta for now



Planning My Escape

I can't take it anymore! My hubby is away on business north of sunny San Diego. As much as I love living in Arizona, I want to go play at the beach!! So I am plotting, scheming, planning how to get out there tonight or tomorrow morning. So I am scrubbing floors and washing all the clothes to get all that needs to get done completed, then I can start doing what I want. The hubby knows we are planning to come out this weekend, I just want more time out there. Don't worry, my laptop will be coming along (DUH!) and blogging will continue. 6 hours one way with munchkins in the car *aaAahhHHHhh* Wish me luck!

Ta Ta for now



Can you tell I'm hungry?

My hubby is away on business for the next 2 weeks so I am filling up on chick flicks and junk food! So I was trying to figure out what to do for dinner tonight, then it hit me:

I missed In-N-Out Burger so much while we lived in the southeast. This is one of the perks of moving back west. I LOVE this place. If you all remember, I am such an indecisive person. That is why their menu is great for people like me!

Right to the point, just the way I like it. I think the kids and the dogs (remember Sammy the "unicorn eared dog" has to go with me everywhere while wearing his cone...) and I will load up and head to In-N-Out for dinner. Yum! Here's what I'm having, what will you be eating tonight?

(please be advised that all food consumed while husband is away magically becomes calorie free)

Ta Ta for now



Emma and Jane Austen

Something about Jane Austen...

I am watching "Emma" for the 100th time tonight on DVD, and I always walk away from these wonderful stories with a smile on my face. What is your favorite Jane Austen Novel? Mine is and will always be "Pride & Prejudice" although the movie about Jane, "Becoming Jane" comes in as a close second. I long for a more romantic time in history when love was all that mattered and full bodied women were the norm :)

I hope you all have a good night.

Ta Ta for now


Poor Sammy-Dog

My poor puppy looks like a unicorn in a plastic cone :( Sammy the Boxer got a Hematoma in his ear.

(Hematoma or haematoma, is a collection of blood outside the blood vessels, generally the result of hemorrhage, or more specifically, internal bleeding.) Courtesy of Wikipedia

How did he get that you might ask? Well, it came from him shaking his head too much. Apparently flopping your ears around isn't good for a dog. He is recovering very well, it's the cone that is causing all the problems. My shins are so cut up and bruised from Sammy walking into me. His poor balance is all messed up. Then in the middle of the night I hear this "sssscccrrraaattttcchhhhhh" all the way down the hallway. It's Sammy walking to the water bowl in the dark scraping his cone all along the way on the wall.

He has enjoyed all the car rides since I am taking him EVERYWHERE with me. The Vet said the cone and bandage have to stay on for a week if there is any hope of his Hematoma to heal quickly and spare him any more pain and discomfort.

My other dog, Louie the Jack Russell, can't quite figure out what is going on around here. I can almost hear him saying:

"why is Sammy going in the car all the time?"
"what's with that stupid hat?"
"does he smell different?"
"can I lick the cone?"

Louie is going nuts trying to get all the answers. Well, there you go, here's what has been going on in my house for a few days. Doggy issues *ugh* But, I'd do anything for these crazy dogs and they know it!

Ta Ta for now



Sunday Signspotting: week twenty eight

Hello Sunday Signspotting fans! Sorry I have not done this in a few weeks, I usually do a bunch in advance and the "done ahead of time ones" ran out and I hadn't had time to get back to this fun Sunday ritual. But, I'm back now! :) I had a good week, American Idol has been all consuming in our household and the results from Group 1 were good... for the most part (Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, & Michael Sarver) Below you will notice I didn't do as many signs as I normally do, that's because I am using up all my image space and am going to try not to post as many pictures. Hope you still enjoy it though!

A very specific canine sign

yeah scum, we're watching you

railings have feelings too

Ta Ta for now



American Idol... Group 1

Alright class, I come prepared! I actually took notes during tonight's show (the older, brain dead person in me sometimes forgets things, but more about that another day...) Let me start by saying I LOVED the nifty old school silver microphones everyone was using, very cool. And is it just me or does American Idol have more commercials then the Super Bowl?

OK, let's get started, in order of appearance:

*Jackie Tohn: The spandex confused me, the song didn't really show her range. She still did a great job at entertaining everyone.

*Ricky Braddy: Cool Velvet jacket, good song choice with wonderful vocals. And he's a North Carolina boy like my hubby!

*Alexis Grace: Wow those are some RED lips! She sang great and I felt like her song came from the heart.

*Brent Keith: He for sure has a "country boy" look, and it works for him. And that dimple! He needs more stage confidence though.

*Stevie Wright: Nerves galore with her tonight, sounded very karaoke bar. Poor girl it was just awkward.

*Anoop Desai: Too high a key for him, he normally sings WAY better. And, did he forget the lyrics at the end there?

*Casey Carlson: A little Amy Winehouse-ish with the hair-do, adorable outfit. I was distracted by her facial expressions, but what a great mom she has!

*Michael Sarver: He looked like he was having fun, I didn't think it was a good song choice. Seacrest looks small sitting next to him.

*Ann Marie Boskovich: Goodness, I wish I could wear that little blue dress and look that good! She sang her heart out, you can tell she wants this.

*Stephen Fowler: Singing a classic M.J. song was not a smart thing to do. He does better with slow ballads then 70's disco, he let me down this time :( Bummer for him.

*Tatiana Del Toro: A Whitney song? Really? Did she do good or was I just blinded since she wasn't acting so vain? She was so calm, I kept fearing a break down.

*Danny Gokey: I liked him more this week then ever before. Every week he has different glasses, how many does he own? He did amazing all around.

What were my top picks for the evening? Oh I am so glad you asked!
1. Alexiz Grace
2. Danny Gokey
3. Ricky Braddy

My son gave his 2 cents as well "I think we should hear Simon sing next time." Me too buddy, that would be great!

So, what did you think of this first group live on stage?

Ta Ta for now


Lazy Weekend

The family and I had a nice relaxing weekend. We checked out one of the local Malls. (yeah... we actually have more then 1 in a 60 mile radius!) The Munchkin and my hubby went on a bike ride, and we actually got paper work organized in our house... You'd be surprised how much paper you acquire when moving.

Here are some pictures of my kids trying to take pictures with our Boxer Sammy. This dog just can't keep his tongue in his mouth. :)

Also, we bought a new lawn mower! It is a push mower. No power cords, no gasoline... Just good ol' man power. My friend Kate over at "A Mothers Shade of Green" would be very proud of our environmentally friendly choice for lawn care. Here is my hubby trying it out. It worked GREAT.

Nothing to exciting happened this weekend. We just enjoyed one another company. How was your weekend?

Ta Ta for now



From White to Orange

When we first moved out here we signed the munchkins up for Martial Arts to meet friends and help them feel more confident in a new environment. It has absolutely helped them both during this big transition in their lives. This week they both graduated from white belts to orange/white belts. Way to go Munchkins!!

The mini-munchkin doing her stuff:

The Munchkin Gettin' it done:

Introding The Karate Kids :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Ta Ta for now



Cartoon-y Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! On this day of love I went a little goofy with one of my favorite websites, JibJab and created a bunch of pictures of my hubby and I. I hope you all have a wonderful day, hug your honey, your kids, your pets... anyone :)

Ta Ta for now