American Idol... Group 1

Alright class, I come prepared! I actually took notes during tonight's show (the older, brain dead person in me sometimes forgets things, but more about that another day...) Let me start by saying I LOVED the nifty old school silver microphones everyone was using, very cool. And is it just me or does American Idol have more commercials then the Super Bowl?

OK, let's get started, in order of appearance:

*Jackie Tohn: The spandex confused me, the song didn't really show her range. She still did a great job at entertaining everyone.

*Ricky Braddy: Cool Velvet jacket, good song choice with wonderful vocals. And he's a North Carolina boy like my hubby!

*Alexis Grace: Wow those are some RED lips! She sang great and I felt like her song came from the heart.

*Brent Keith: He for sure has a "country boy" look, and it works for him. And that dimple! He needs more stage confidence though.

*Stevie Wright: Nerves galore with her tonight, sounded very karaoke bar. Poor girl it was just awkward.

*Anoop Desai: Too high a key for him, he normally sings WAY better. And, did he forget the lyrics at the end there?

*Casey Carlson: A little Amy Winehouse-ish with the hair-do, adorable outfit. I was distracted by her facial expressions, but what a great mom she has!

*Michael Sarver: He looked like he was having fun, I didn't think it was a good song choice. Seacrest looks small sitting next to him.

*Ann Marie Boskovich: Goodness, I wish I could wear that little blue dress and look that good! She sang her heart out, you can tell she wants this.

*Stephen Fowler: Singing a classic M.J. song was not a smart thing to do. He does better with slow ballads then 70's disco, he let me down this time :( Bummer for him.

*Tatiana Del Toro: A Whitney song? Really? Did she do good or was I just blinded since she wasn't acting so vain? She was so calm, I kept fearing a break down.

*Danny Gokey: I liked him more this week then ever before. Every week he has different glasses, how many does he own? He did amazing all around.

What were my top picks for the evening? Oh I am so glad you asked!
1. Alexiz Grace
2. Danny Gokey
3. Ricky Braddy

My son gave his 2 cents as well "I think we should hear Simon sing next time." Me too buddy, that would be great!

So, what did you think of this first group live on stage?

Ta Ta for now



MindyLew said...

Unfortunately I missed this weeks show - but thanks for the update. Now I will be prepared for next week. I would LOVE to hear Simon sing - What a great idea!!

SKELLER said...

I do so love me a season of Idol. I had high hopes for last night. But I was hugely disappointed. To my mind, they all chose the WRONG SONG, except for Ricky. Your top 3 were my top 3.

kate said...

I have to wait until this weekend when Pete is home to watch the shows- with him! He'll never admit that he is a fan, but he loves it too!

KA said...

Yeah, I know! Tatiana made me worried, especially when she started laughing. I was like, "here it comes..."

LOL that's a good idea. Why doesn't Simon ever sing?

Can't wait to see tonight's.

Anonymous said...

I gots no idea what you talkin about. Me no watchy.

Smores for Breakfast said...

I didn't want to watch AI but I ended up getting sucked in. And yes, waaaaay too many commercials! my god!

Anonymous said...

Ick. Tatiana.

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Alright, Im keeping my eye on these updates!! Im a watcher too!
Danny and Alexis are my favorites, I was really mad that Dannys best friend didnt make it but the stupid red headband idiot DID!!
Ricky is my friends cousin and he is from where I live, we were all hoping he made it, I think he was robbed but you could only pick 3...dont really like the new format either.