Hotel WiFi is crapola!

You gotta love a blackberry when the internet in the hotel is broken :) I had planned on giving American Idol results and showing you great pictures while we're away, but that'll have to wait until Monday. Small cell phone keys make it hard to type a bunch. We're all having a great time, I think all the seagulls in southern California have beenc hased by my son.

Today we are off to Sea World! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Ta Ta for now



becky @ misspriss said...

Today's weather is so nice - perfect time to go to Sea World. Enjoy our fair city. :)

Mom24 said...

I am so incredibly jealous!!! I'm staring at a very gray, very cold, very windy, slightly rainy, typical Columbus, OH winter day. Oh, and my hubby's sick in bed.

I wish I was in San Diego going to Sea World, crappy hotel wifi and all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where you at? You said just North of San Diego? Me too!

Karin Katherine said...

A Blackberry is a modern mom essential.

MindyLew said...

Hope you are creating some wonderful memories & can't wait to be able to enjoy the pictures when you return. :)