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We are all moved into our new home, it is so nice! I am so busy and apologize for not updating this lately. I will be back to blogging shortly, thank you all for your well wishes.

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Lordy, Are We a Nutty Family!

What do you do when your hubby has changed jobs, you've moved across the country, had the kids change schools, then buy a new home, successfully turning everything in your life on its head?

You buy a new puppy to make it even nuttier around your house, Of course!

I introduce to you all Jackson (a.k.a. Jak-Jak, Jacky, Jax) our 8 week old Boxer.

He is such a sweetie!

Jackson meeting one of his big brothers, Louie.

So yeah, I have always had this habit of cramming all my stress into lumps. Do it all, get it done, and move one. This peeing, chewing puppy is proof of that :) I know when my mom reads this she's going to think I have lost my mind... But mom, when you come to visit in 2 weeks I dare you not to fall in love with this snugly little boy!

The pet count is as follows in our house: 3 dogs (1 Jack Russell, 2 Boxers) and 7 fish (don't ask me what kinds, no clue. I know they swim!)

Do you have any pets?

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Alrighty people, I have been mischievous. Things around our house have just been turned upside down (yet again). I can't wait to share with you why!! Stay tuned, more to come soon!

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You're Gonna Miss This... Q-Shot: Cartoon, VGNO

The TV has not been on as much lately during the day at our house, I am doing my best to play with my kids instead of letting the "boob-tube" babysit them. One of my favorite cartoons that gets my kids moving is Yo Gabba Gabba.

My mini-munchkin stays on her feet from the time DJ Lance enters with his boom box till the credits roll. She jumps, dances, shakes and sings. I love watching her when she thinks no one is looking, I for sure want to remember these moments.

What do your kids love to watch? Which ones do you secretly watch? (mine is Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends!)I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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The Breakdown

Sorry for no American Idol review this week, my DVR completely went wacko and forgot to tape it, I think this may be the breaking point in our relationship.

This week is insane! Monday I was grouchy, like I even bugged myself grouchy, yeah... that bad. The Munchkin had a zoo field trip, I chaperoned. Imagine 30+ kindergartners, doesn't that sound fun? I've also been hauling all our crap, oops I mean stuff, to the new house.

Still waiting for the dumb shutter installers to come. Those poor guys, if they don't hurry up I am gonna have to go all crazy on them.....soon. I want my window treatments, and I am tired of my install date being pushed back for the 3rd time *grrr* Then today I was grouchy again (what is up with that?! Must be losing my mind.) My hubby has completely stopped listening to me,
I think he's shutting me out in fear that my "crazy" might be contagious.

So tomorrow the kids and I have a play date with a complete stranger, fun fun fun. But first I will be attending my first Weight Watchers meeting. I am so nervous, are they gonna make me stand in front of everyone in a
sports bra and spandex shorts like on "The Biggest Loser"? God help us all if they do. Like I said, This week is insane. Hope your week is going well. Till Next Time



Want Some Easter Cookies?

Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness.
~Floyd W. Tomkins

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, we are going to enjoy some homemade yummy cookies courtesy of my mini-munchkin. You wouldn't believe the amount of flour all over my kitchen right now! I am sure going to miss these moments when my kids are grown :(

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Saturday Q-Shot: Atlantis & VGNO

This weeks question was "If you could go anywhere you haven't been, where would you go?"

This was easy :) I KNOW where I would go, Atlantis! In all honesty I have been here, for only minutes though. While in college my parents took me on a 3 day cruise and one of our stops was Nassau, Bahamas. This gorgeous resort island was near our ships dock and I have dreamed of going there ever since.

Would you like to come with me? Wonderful! Off we go:

We arrive by private yacht to the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island

Mythical winged horses greet us at the entrance

We check into the grand Lobby and get ready for our adventure

Play time! we get on our inner tube and ride down the Lazy River, through lifts and drops, white-water Rapids, 80-foot underground tunnel and caves.

Then it's off to the five-story Mayan Temple with a 60-ft. vertical drop that ends in a clear tunnel inside a shark-filled lagoon

Lunch Time! We'll savor a mixture of Southwestern cuisine with a Bahamian twist at the award winning Mesa Grill overlooking Paradise Beach

Then we need some fancy new clothes. Exclusive haute couture boutiques line the Crystal Court Shops

We'll take a break at this inviting beach bar and watch the sun set, while enjoying an umbrella drink of course

After a long day of enjoying this tropical paradise it's time to see our gorgeous Suite in the Royal Towers and change into our evening wear

We'll try our hand at gambling in the casino and check out more of the resorts wonderful decor

Then lets enjoy traditional fine dining in a warm and inviting club atmosphere at the Bahamian Club

We head to Aura Nightclub where DJs spin, illuminating the glass dance floor.

What a day! I had such a nice time, thanks for coming along!

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We Had Fun

Yesterday the Munchkins and I walked up to the "town square" in our little subdivision. We sat on the grass and enjoyed the warm spring weather, and the kids played in the water fountain. It was so nice and relaxing. Just what I needed, a little sun and some cute little munchkins running around laughing. Sorry the picture quality is so bad... cellphone camera.

can you guess which 2 are mine?

We are trying to have as much fun as we can in this beautiful weather before the HOT summer hits. I can tell it's coming, any day now *eek!* I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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American Idol... Top 8

I know, I know... I am SO late getting my American Idol post up this week. Sorry guys, I have been busy today and am not feeling too hot. I was one of the many that missed Adam Lamberts' performance because my DVR cut off since the show ran late last night. Thank goodness for the wonderful internet, my hubby found it online and showed it to me. I wish he wouldn't sing like a girl all the time! Here are my top picks of the night:

Allison Iraheta: She sang a great Bonnie Raitt song and did a fabulous job.

Matt Giraud: I am so glad he did better this week. He rocked the house :)

Lil' Rounds or Scott Macintyre might be headed home this week :( It is getting so hard to pick now that we've come to know these kids.
Who did you like the best?

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How To (not) Be Organized

In my mind everything is nice and tidy. My home is ship shape, organized and in order. If you are like me in reality it looks like a bomb went off! I have tried for years to get my home straightened up FOR GOOD. Somehow it just never happens. Life happens and that forlorn filthy pantry is left in shambles.

What is the secret to household organization?
What do those "organized people" know that I don't?
Why can't my cupboards look like this:

So people I have made an extremely late new years resolution, I WILL get my act together and be able to find things in my own home, I WILL be able to walk through my home without tripping on shoes, I WILL be able to find space in my closets due to handy dandy organized shelves.

Now comes your part... (what, you thought you'd get off scott free?) How do I do this? Please help me!?! Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated. I already feel liberated, they say admitting your problem is half the battle!

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Sunday Signspotting: week twenty nine

My gosh, it has been almost 2 months since I did my last signspotting post! Well, in light of me being in a silly mood lately I thought it was time for another installment. Enjoy!

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i just put them here for your viewing pleasure.)

All images used with permission of signspotting.com

It's party time!

Put'em up, put'um up!

That's just mean

What an unbeatable offer

But which one is the Right Coach?

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to laugh a little. We all have to get ready for Monday *ugh*

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Saturday Q-Shot: Seasons

This weeks question was "What is your favorite season?"

I thought and thought, and I love & hate things about every season! How do I answer that? SO here's my pictures anyway:

Arizona in the WINTER

Arizona in the SPRING

Arizona in the SUMMER

and finally Arizona in the FALL

Isn't it amazing to see the seasons change throughout the year? It's simply beautiful! Ha Ha.

What is your favorite season?

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