The Breakdown

Sorry for no American Idol review this week, my DVR completely went wacko and forgot to tape it, I think this may be the breaking point in our relationship.

This week is insane! Monday I was grouchy, like I even bugged myself grouchy, yeah... that bad. The Munchkin had a zoo field trip, I chaperoned. Imagine 30+ kindergartners, doesn't that sound fun? I've also been hauling all our crap, oops I mean stuff, to the new house.

Still waiting for the dumb shutter installers to come. Those poor guys, if they don't hurry up I am gonna have to go all crazy on them.....soon. I want my window treatments, and I am tired of my install date being pushed back for the 3rd time *grrr* Then today I was grouchy again (what is up with that?! Must be losing my mind.) My hubby has completely stopped listening to me,
I think he's shutting me out in fear that my "crazy" might be contagious.

So tomorrow the kids and I have a play date with a complete stranger, fun fun fun. But first I will be attending my first Weight Watchers meeting. I am so nervous, are they gonna make me stand in front of everyone in a
sports bra and spandex shorts like on "The Biggest Loser"? God help us all if they do. Like I said, This week is insane. Hope your week is going well. Till Next Time



Rosie said...

Spandex shorts? Yikes! Let us know how weighwatchers goes. never done weightwatchers but pretty much everything else. I wish I could just tape my mouth shut! it's cheaper. Hope you received your prize!

Mom24 said...

No spandex, I promise. You'll be weighed in, in relative privacy. How that often translates is in front of people at a respectful distance in back of you. Your weight will be kept private, it's all private.

Good luck. I'm really, really struggling with weight too, I just don't know that I'm ready to honestly deal with it.

I tried to watch AI for the first time ever. I turned it off when they weren't having Simon judge. What was up with that? He's who people tune in to watch.

Good luck on the playdate. Sounds hard to me.

I get on grouchy benders. I don't know why, and I hate it when I'm on them, but they're hard to stop. Hope things look brighter soon.

kimert said...

I can totally relate to grouchy. My day yesterday was like that and I warned the family before we all got home! lol Hope you are having a better day. :)

Zoo + 30 Kindergarten kids = me next Wednesday. Pray I survive that one, too.

Elena said...

Ha ha! I hate when the grouchy monster hangs around...and don't worry: You will NOT have to stand in front of everyone wearing only a sports bra and spandex shorts at WW. But, attention will be brought to you when introductions are made. By the way, WW is probably the most sensible way to lose weight. I should try again; age is creeping up on me and it's getting more difficult to lose this weight. I'll be wearing a mumu to my cousin's wedding this summer. Have a good week!

whereismymind said...

I hope you are having a better day today and that they did not make you stand in a sports bra and spandex shorts... (However, I'm sure you look great!)

The grumpies have been making their rounds...

Yaya said...

Am Idol was pointless anyways because they used their "save"....I don't get that!

underthebigbluesky said...

awww. they won't do that. good luck. i HAVE to do something!!

and hope the playdate went well!

kate said...

Hope the playdate went well, I have been trying to set up playdates too- It's so hard being the new girl in town! I have been trying my best to approach moms at Nate's school in hopes of making some friends for my poor little lonely son! I hope it went well for your guys though!

And good luck with the weight watchers! I have heard so many positive stories from friends and family who have joined and been successful. I bet you will start having more energy and feeling better all around- you'll stop having visits from the Grouch!

Hope you are well Liz -I still wish you guys had stuck around our side of the woods!