Lordy, Are We a Nutty Family!

What do you do when your hubby has changed jobs, you've moved across the country, had the kids change schools, then buy a new home, successfully turning everything in your life on its head?

You buy a new puppy to make it even nuttier around your house, Of course!

I introduce to you all Jackson (a.k.a. Jak-Jak, Jacky, Jax) our 8 week old Boxer.

He is such a sweetie!

Jackson meeting one of his big brothers, Louie.

So yeah, I have always had this habit of cramming all my stress into lumps. Do it all, get it done, and move one. This peeing, chewing puppy is proof of that :) I know when my mom reads this she's going to think I have lost my mind... But mom, when you come to visit in 2 weeks I dare you not to fall in love with this snugly little boy!

The pet count is as follows in our house: 3 dogs (1 Jack Russell, 2 Boxers) and 7 fish (don't ask me what kinds, no clue. I know they swim!)

Do you have any pets?

Ta Ta for now



dood1ebugs said...

Yeah! I love him! He is so CUTE! I can't wait to meet him.

Mom24 said...

He's way too cute! Have fun.

We have a dog, a cat, and way too many fish. Don't ever get more than one Molly. They reproduce like crazy.

kimert said...

Love that boxer baby!! I'm the mama to a now 10 year old boxer baby girl, Sassy. Such a great family dog!! Have fun with him. :)

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Ohhh so cute!!!
I have 1 dog, 3 cats, and a 55 gallon fish tank w/big fish in it!
Im so right there w/you on LOSING MY MIND!!!

kate said...

Wow!!! Liz- you sure do know how to bring it on! Very sweet looking little guy though, I am sure he is giving everyone around your house something a little extra to smile about!

Kelly said...

What a cutie! I want a pet, I just can't right now. : (

Yaya said...

Congratulations on your furbaby!!! So cute!

KC said...

what a cutie..

dood1ebugs said...

Jackson is good SOUTHERN name. I knew we converted you in South Carolina!

E @ Scottsville said...

Do we have pets? Do we have PETS? ha! I laugh!

We have two dogs, umpteen cats (I've literally lost count since the 2 new litters were born), and 4 monkeys. Well, not actual monkeys, but they act like them. And if you throw my husband into the loop, then it's like a huge gorilla in the mix!

Pam said...

nutty right along with you!! :) love the music you have playing on here, is that new?? beautiful and peaceful!!

underthebigbluesky said...

Cuteness! Cuteness.

Suppose we are gluttons for punishment, though, I think you may have a bit more on your hands with this one than I will have with our new rabbit.

I don't know why we can't follow through with that "no more pets" thing.


Carrie said...

Oh my, how could you not fall in love with that face :)

the nuttier, the better, right? hee hee...well, maybe that's not for us! We had two dogs at once, but maybe not the right combination for us! {although my husband says everynow and then he wants another dog...}
I love those two little guys you have pictured there!

So sweet!

alicew said...

Oh my goodness...your newest addition is too cute! And heck...what's one more? Lol. We debate about adding another one but our Renoir is pretty stubborn and prefers to be an "only child"...sigh...one day maybe!

MindyLew said...

Sounds like you have a lot of JOY!! What a cutie & I can tell he is already taking over the toys. :}

Martha (FL) said...

Jackson is adorable. We love boxers, on our short list should we ever been in the market for another pet.... we are having to downsize right now, so not likely in the near future.