Saturday Q-Shot: Seasons

This weeks question was "What is your favorite season?"

I thought and thought, and I love & hate things about every season! How do I answer that? SO here's my pictures anyway:

Arizona in the WINTER

Arizona in the SPRING

Arizona in the SUMMER

and finally Arizona in the FALL

Isn't it amazing to see the seasons change throughout the year? It's simply beautiful! Ha Ha.

What is your favorite season?

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kimert said...

My favorite season is fall. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right most days. Plus the changing colors of the leaves in the mountains here are beautiful!

Love the pics you posted. Beautiful. :)

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

You are too freakin funny!
I love your answer, get your butt over to my blog and LINK up girlie so everyone else can enjoy your answer.
Thank you my friend for playing along!!

Anissa said...

Love the pictures -- Thanks for stopping by! You may just melt. I know how hot it is here in Louisiana.

sarah said...

hahahahah.. havent made my way to arizona yet do plan to travel there one day have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Haha! Love it!

I definitely love Fall the best. It's so beautiful here in NY.

Missy said...

Hey there, catching up with everyone from last night. Love the post about seasons. Very funny.


pam said...

Hmm, I see the difference, it is in the sky. LOL! I live where we experience every season in it's glory. I just posted my spring pics this week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

kris... said...

Ha ha is right!

~from someone who lives where the weather changes every five minutes!

Cecily R said...

HAHA! That's great...I live in UTah where if you're annoyed with the weather you just wait five minutes...already today it has been sunny, overcast, rainy and snowy. And that was before noon. Sigh...

Anissa said...

Hey girls I’m starting a recipe swap Monday! I just put up all the information on my blog, so if you are interested please come by and leave me a comment. I started this last year and had a blast – so I decided to start it back up. Hope you join in on some fun !!!

Jen said...

Now that was funny.

Alex and Ashley said...

I came through via Spoiled Mommy and I never leave comments but I had to for this post! You made my day, this is too funny!

Anonymous said...


Well up here in NY my favorite is fall...I love the leaves changing...but I do love and hate things about every season here too!

Leslie said...

Stopping by from Spoiled Mommy's blog. I had to laugh. Isn't that the truth??? I'm in Tucson, and you've covered it just right! lol~

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL! Very cute!!

I think I like spring the best.

Anonymous said...

you are the funniest girl i've never met.

i could not do without my seasons, but this might work for me:

spring, fall, spring, fall, spring, fall, spring, fall

Tasha said...

AHAHAHA! I can TOTALLY relate! :P My favorite used to be spring when I was living in CO, but now living in Vegas it's winter- because when spring comes I just dread the summers (like now). :P Sorry but...120 is too hot!

whereismymind said...

That is tooooo funny! OMG! LOVE it! (And love the new song. YUM.)