Never Ending Choices

Choices, life is full of them. 

Should I get a coffee table or use an ottoman instead? 
Is it chilly, do the kids need pants for school and not shorts? 
To clean the house or watch the Sex In The City movie?

Am I content or am I restless?

That last one is a choice I feel like I have to make every day. I am the restless type. I love change (mostly). It keeps me on my toes. When life stays the same for too long I get all jumpy and long for a new choice. 

Some new choices have come up in our family life that could shake things up a bit. 

My husbands career. He loves his job and plans on staying for a long time, but he is considering going back to college and completing his Bachelors degree. We would have to re-adjust our schedules to accommodate his studying and he would have way more on his already full plate... Still, it would open doors for him. And show our children how important furthering you education is. Choices.

My son made a big choice this week, he has stopped playing football. I am a little sad. He has played for almost 4 years now. He had asked not to play a few months ago. I made him a deal at the start of the season if he still wasn't into it then he could stop. Well, he wasn't into it anymore. Maybe some day he'll get back out there and be my little football man again, but for now he has made a choice. With that choice came another. He has now made the local swim team! He loves it and is working very hard to be the next Michael Phelps.

And while we're on the subject of choices. I really want to re-do my kids bathroom! There's this hideous wallpaper border (that I did not put up there, I swear) that needs to come down, but then what? What color? Do I change out the shower curtain? 

Choices, choices, choices... They are never ending:) 

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...