American Idol... Top 8

I know, I know... I am SO late getting my American Idol post up this week. Sorry guys, I have been busy today and am not feeling too hot. I was one of the many that missed Adam Lamberts' performance because my DVR cut off since the show ran late last night. Thank goodness for the wonderful internet, my hubby found it online and showed it to me. I wish he wouldn't sing like a girl all the time! Here are my top picks of the night:

Allison Iraheta: She sang a great Bonnie Raitt song and did a fabulous job.

Matt Giraud: I am so glad he did better this week. He rocked the house :)

Lil' Rounds or Scott Macintyre might be headed home this week :( It is getting so hard to pick now that we've come to know these kids.
Who did you like the best?

Ta Ta for now



Anissa said...

Thanks for sharing!

nikkicrumpet said...

It needed to be Scott going home. I'm glad America got it right. And I was soooo glad to see Matt not in the bottom three...that was just WRONG last week. But I totally disagree with you...I thought Adam's song last week was awesome! Heck Simon even gave him a standing ovation...which I've never seen before. I have to say as much as I love some of the other guys...Adam is still (for me) the most talented and versitile!

SKELLER said...

I missed Adam, too (had it recorded). I found just the audio on his performance. Which is probably just as well, because I don't like *watching* him perform, but I DID really really like his arrangement of Mad World. I didn't really like any of the song choices (save Adam's). And I was quite fearful that Kris would be the one going home (terrible song, terribly sung). He's one of my two favs (Danny's the other). But I've got to admit, Adam (whom I don't particularly like) outsings them both. I thought Allison was quite good this week.