Puppy Bowl V

This Super Bowl Sunday will you be watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet?

If you have never heard of this, check it out. I am not going to say it is great television, or amazingly entertaining... It really isn't, but it does make me laugh. And plus, who can't resist a bunch of adorable puppies running around playing and bouncing on a football field?

My mini muchkins thinks it's wonderful, she wished this once a year event could be on TV everyday. My older child however, keeps shouting "where's the REAL football? Come ON!"

Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? And don't even get me started on the Kitty half time show! Here is a clip from a few years back:

Ta Ta for now



Anonymous said...

"Puppy Bowl"...hahahahaha!

Jennifer P. said...

that one is just about pushing the limits of cute to throw-up status :)!

Anonymous said...

omg! we missed this, the girls would have gone insano on this!