American Idol Top 36

Our family LOVES American Idol, each season we cram on the couch and watch as the good and bad show their stuff. My son always picks his favorite early on and he is usually right. Last year the munchkin LOVED David Cook from the start of Hollywood week. This year his pick to win is Nick Mitchell a.k.a. "Norman Gentle." We'll have to see how far this crazy guy can go in the competition. Here are some of the American Idol contestants that have made an impression so far:

*Anoop Desai: Every time he sings I am shocked at the amazing, strong voice that comes out of him.

*Danny Gokey: To go through losing your spouse at such a young age and still be so positive is inspiring. I was sad to see his best friend go home :(

*Jackie Tohn: She is so spunky and funky, I love her raspy voice and crazy clothes.

*Junot Joyner: This guy has such a sweet voice, and he's so nice. I hope he goes far.

*Kai Kalama: What a cool name! He is a good guy, caregiver to his sick mother... and he's pretty cute too :)

*Kristen Mcnamara: She will do very well, she is a cutie with a great voice, and I love her hair!

*Nathaniel Marshall: I am always a fan of those who rise up out of adversity, but I wish he would dress better, and lose the headbands PLEASE!

*Megan Corkrey: I love her armband tattoo, very cool. I don't know if her vocals are strong enough to make it though.

*Nick Mitchell: What do I say about him? He's wacky! But all kidding aside he can really sing, I think he uses "Norman" when he is super nervous. He needs to be confident with himself and lose the act.

*Scott Macintyre: This guy is amazing! Being visually impaired I hope he can inspire others with disabilities to reach for the stars. He is very kind and talented.

*Stephen Fowler: He is my favorite by far! I love his voice and his shy disposition. I like that he is very humble and thankful. I would buy his album today!

*Allison Iraheta: This is one of my favorite girls in the competition. She has a great voice and a lot to offer the show.

*Adam Lambert: This is my hubby's favorite so far. He can sing for sure, but I am not so convinced. He reminds me of Axle Rose but more squeaky...

*Tatiana Del Toro: She scares me, I worry she might take out the other contestants just to win. My dog howls whenever she squeals and laughs. Yet, I am intrigued.

Season 8 of American Idol has proved to be another good collection of singers. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. So who's your favorite so far?

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dood1ebugs said...

So i started a blog so I can finally comment on yours. Tatiana scares me to. I told Kevin i wouldn't watch if she went on but i lied. I have to watch!

kate said...

Yes, we are American Idol junkies too...you get so hooked so easily! I cannot believe they sent home Danny's best friend and kept Tatiana...talk about ridiculous...I think they are doing it for marketing reasons! She is so annoying and people love to hate people like her! It'll be fun to keep American Idol tabs with you!

Elena said...

Alright, another show for me to be hooked on ('Dancing with the Stars' will be here before I know it)! I love, love Danny -- but why did they let go of his best friend???? I totally agree with Kate!! I can't wait to hear more input on American Idol! I'm so glad you found a home. Congrats!

Diana said...

Love your assessments, right in there with them, except your favorite, I like him, he's just not my fave, I really like Danny Gokey and Scott Macintyre - they are my front runners. Should be a good season, but I hope we don't have to endure Tatiana for too much longer.