20 Questions

I have been so preoccupied with moving stuff. My mind is turning to mush, so I thought I would let you in on some tidbits about me. OK, let me rephrase: I'm bored and don't want to do the things I should be doing so I decided to make a list of facts instead, filled with links to random information just for fun. Here you go dearies:
  1. I wear flip flops year round, rain or shine
  2. Recently purchased “Hysteria” by Muse on iTunes
  3. I have 4 tattoos… wanting just 1 more (please hubby?)
  4. Never broke a bone in my body
  5. An only child
  6. I am a Sagittarius, go fire signs!
  7. My favorite color changes daily, today its fuchsia
  8. I SO want to sky dive someday
  9. Obsessed with all my nifty electronic gadgets
  10. I never did great in HS but got straight A’s in college
  11. I had a lamb named Zazzoo when I was 15
  12. Playing the piano is my therapy (next to blogging of course)
  13. Currently reading “eclipse” by Stephanie Meyer
  14. Love Oakley sunglasses
  15. Drink way too much Diet Dr. Pepper
  16. Will always be a SF Giants fan
  17. Bite my nails
  18. Listen to music WAY too loud in the car
  19. Hate to cook (sorry family)
  20. I need to get a haircut, looking scraggly these days

There, that was an excellent waist of time! Is it way too obvious I am trying to waste time? Hope something fascinated you. Anything I should know about you? You know I want to know! Come on, spit it out...

Ta Ta for now



Kelsey said...

we are so much alike!
I also wear flip flops year round (I have a specific pair for rain), Listen to music wayyy too loudly in the car, hate cooking (in fact I just made some cookies, the pislbuy ones that you just place in the oven and I burned them because I forgot they were in there) and there was a few others, but I'm forgetting them. Thanks for sharing!

TattooedMinivanMom said...

Wait...I'm confused.

You want to know about my tatas? Don't you have a couple of your own?

Dina said...

thanks for stopping by my page! I too have 3 tattoos and am always asking hubby for more (its not really his thing) so we are always bargaining...if I get in shape etc etc. Well I am bellydancing 3-4 times a week I suspect I will be in shape for that next tattoo really soon! Do you want to follow each other so we can drive traffic to each other.

Tina said...

Please no more Tattoos! (Yes, Mommy)