From The Mouth Of A Mother

I was out to dinner with my family last night celebrating my hubby's birthday. The kids were bouncing off the walls as usual when I heard myself say "Audrey, take that fork out of your toes now!" What? After saying that I started thinking about all the crazy things we, as moms, say to our children. (And you better believe I had a notepad and pencil in hand at the dinner table! ha ha) Out of context these statements sound crazy.

Here are a few things I have said to my kids, that I never thought I would say:
  • It's not OK to lick the dog
  • If you both go pee pee I'll let you watch a movie!
  • Put that light saber down now!
  • Don't touch the cats butt!
Who knows what other odd things I may find myself saying to my munchkins in the future. As people often say "Everyday is an adventure when living with children"

What silly things have you heard come out of your mouth when talking (or shouting) to your children?

Ta Ta for now


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