A 1980's Christmas List

Today the Toys 'R' Us big toy book came in the mail. My kids couldn't wait to circle all the things they wanted to ask Santa for. This made me start thinking about the things I had probably asked Santa for when I was their age.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? On to the 1980's to visit some of my favorite toys...

1. Popples

2. A Thundercats Lion-O action figure

3. Jem and The Holograms Lunchbox

4. Garbage Pail Kids Collector Cards

5. My Pet Monster

6. Kissyfur VHS

7. Fraggle Rock Dolls

8. Voltron Action Figure

9. Talking ALF Doll

Now that I looked up and found all of my favorite toys from when I was a kid I have come to realize that I would still be excited if Santa brought me any of these things this year. Toys from our childhood will always be cool no matter how old we get :) What were some of your favorite toys growing up?

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underthebigbluesky said...


Wow, I could use some of those tonight!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Kelsey said...

I loved "Pound Puppies" and the Little Tykes doll house that I had. Oh my gosh, I probably had every sing accessory that they made for the thing!

I was also a big fan of anything Disney....Beanie babies too!

TattooedMinivanMom said...

Holy crap! Gem! "SYNERGY!" I watched that show all the time!

I was never allowed to have a garbage pail kid though. Can't say I blame them.

Did have a cabbage patch kid though. We had to rain check it cause they were sold out and we were bummed because the girls club we went had a group of girls who started a cabbage patch kid club and you had to have a doll to be a member. They made us honorary til we got our dolls. Then when we got older we put fake blood on their face and hung it in a tree for Halloween.


Kimmie0270 said...

I LOVED Popples and Pound Puppies, oh yea, and My Little Ponies. I was actually a Popple and a Pound Puppy for 2 different Halloween. Oh, and your blog banner if FABULOUS. Coming back over to your blog to share the love! SITS Rocks!

blkitalianpride75 said...

Wow I remember all that stuff! I had so many garbage pail kids, didnt they come with some kind of candy or gum?

Jennifer P. said...

I'm only a few years older than you, so I FOR SURE remember all those! Remember Pound Puppies? and Rainbow Brite? Monchichi? Mr. Microphone? Teddy Ruxpin (he still gives me the heebie-jeebies!).

Thanks for the reminder of all the childhood goodies past!

Jennifer P. said...

p.s. I played with Jem and the Hologram paperdolls till I was 13!!! Rio was sooooo cute! sssshhh...don't tell!

Spoiled Mommy: My Life, My Story! said...

Oh my...I love this!
Thank god Jennifer P knows what a Munchichi is...I was getting worried....thinking I was the only one. Everytime I mention it to someone they looked at me like I was crazy- huh,what?!
Ahh...Pound puppies, Garbage Pail kids,ohh and they games SIMON and Qbert...or what about Atari?? Geez,I still have one!!

blkitalianpride75 said...

thanks for your kind words, I am going to put you on my blog list! ttyl!!!! :)

Aubrey said...

OMGosh! The memories! Thanks for digging some of those great toys out of the archives. LOL

I think I would ask for those little plastic Smurf figures. I LOVED those!

Yaya said...

POPPLES!!!! OMG!!! POPPLES! You have made my day!! My bff and I were talking a few weeks ago about Popples only we couldn't remember what they were called "Poppits?" "Poppers?"....it's been driving me NUTS! Popples! yay! My mind can take a break now!!!