Fun With Politics

In light of all this political stuff going on these days, I thought I would share a silly pictures of my kids looking for Halloween costumes. My son "Obama" (note he has to go potty and is holding himself... oh that Obama is a riot!) and my daughter as "Hillary". I tried to get them to try on the McCain mask but they insisted that they didn't want to dress up like a "Scary old man" ha ha.

I was laughing so hard while taking this picture.

They decided on a Captain Jack Sparrow and Snow White by the way :) I hope you all have a great day, it's rainy here so I am sure my house will be a disaster by evening from bored munchkins wanted to play outside.

Ta Ta for now



klynch said...

too funny

Kelsey said...

omg I love this!!
My 3 yr old that I nanny for, was OBSESSED with the Hilary mask when we went to the craft store. She wore it around the store and would NOT take it off..no we didn't buy it lol.

Love the Snow White costume, that happens to be my fave disney character.

morewineplease said...

holding himself is PRICELESS!!!!!!!