I bought a book for my munchkins to help sort out the emotions they may feel from this upcoming move.

"Alexander, Who's Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move" BY: Judith Viorst.

The big munchkin has expressed feelings of missing his best friends, and school, and our town in general. The mini munchkin is more concerned with funny things like "will we be able to take my closet door?" As I read to them last night something strange happened, I actually got sad! Shocking I know. My close friends and family know I can't wait to get further out west, where I am from.

I feel so sorry for uprooting them both, changing everything they know. There are a million positives about this big change, but there are negatives too. Mainly for my kids. Am I a bad mom?? I can't wait to be closer to all my family on the west coast, to be able to spend holidays with cousins, aunts, uncles, & everyone. To be able to attend friends' baby showers & weddings, to just be closer to those that mean so much to me and let them know my little family.

*ugh* this is such a pain in the butt!! I never anticipated getting attached to this goofy little southern town. I am going to miss the friends I have made here, and all the wonderful memories from bring my babies home from the hospital, up until them being 4 and 5 now. There will be so many things to miss and I never even expected it. I'm such a doofus.

Any advice from those who have moved with kids?

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Elena Clemons said...

Hello -- I understand how you feel. I was very anxious to leave the South and move close to my parents & old friends. As the time grew close to leave, I felt a pang of sadness. Your children will adjust quickly because they're still little, so do not feel guilty. Prepare them with stories about your new home, about the Grand Canyon, about swimming practically year-round, about being close to family members. Yes, in the beginning they may say they want to go back to SC when they are mad at you (it may happen as it did with my oldest). However, in the long run, it's much better for you to be where you will be happier. Your mood will lift when you're living where you're meant to be, and your family will be happier as well. Hang in there!

TattooedMinivanMom said...

K, I have to ask and you don't have to answer...where are you moving to in the west?

Anna Lefler said...

We haven't moved with our kids, but my family move several times when I was a kid and...it was just fine. Great, in fact. It's a quick adjustment and I think kids learn skills from moving that they really can't learn any other way...skills that will serve them well throughout life. It'll be great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I look forward to reading more of your posts...

Happy Halloween!

:^) Anna

sarah said...

I also moved quite a bit growing up and the only ones that really affected me was when I was in high school. I moved when I was 2, 5, 8, 14 to completely different places and the only one I had to mentally prepare for was the last one. I know that it was sad for a moment because I missed friends, but the newness of a new house, a new room and new friends quickly moved me forward. Honestly, I think it will be tougher for you than for them! They'll do great!

Yaya said...

My little guy I have nannied, then babysat, for 5 years now just moved (a few towns over) and he was really upset over moving. They took pictures of every room for him and they had to paint a bunch of rooms before it went on the market so they saved pieces of the wallpaper for him, which he really liked! Then they made sure to set up his new room just like his old room was set up.
Good luck!