Sunday Signspotting: week twelve

Oh my aching back, legs, feet, everything! Today the house is in ship shape and it will go on the market tomorrow!!! Now comes the BIG challenge, how do I keep my munchkins and hubby from messing it all up? Here's some fun for you all.

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i am simply surfing the net on various funny sign websites and putting them here for your viewing pleasure)

Heavy Traffic? Maybe the authorities of this trail are referring to the weight of the hikers and bikers. Or I suppose there could be some major deer migration in the area.
Picture: John B. Liboky

Okay, we need some sort of warning that’s friendly and almost comical, yet conveys the idea that skiers will plummet spectacularly to their death. Any ideas?
Picture: Richard Gaebler

Here's a classic redundant sign: the smallest recorded ratio of on-site promotional sign to actual attraction.
Picture: Steve Juliano

The political correctness movement hasn’t quite reached Seoul’s Dongdaemun Market yet.
Picture: Sean Madison

If only they’d enforce this in doctors’ surgeries.
Picture: Lee Lipton

Now here's some government money well spent. At least this sign let's you know where you stand...or sit, idling in neutral. Forever.
Picture: Richard Gaebler

Interesting business idea. Getting them back might be a bit tricky.
Picture: Garret Craig

Ta Ta for now



Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh I am just dying laughing at these! HILARIOUS!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on Friday when it was featured on SITS so that I could come to yours....I LOVE it!! Just got back in town and having a blast visiting everyone who came over!


Jennifer P. said...

Those are classic! I love the windmill one best of all ;)!

Anonymous said...

Priceless...porky children's wear. Belly laughs for these...thanks!