You're Gonna Miss this...Moment, NOT!

OK, can I change this up a bit? Since the impending move is less then a month away now, I have a million things I am going to miss (my friends, my house, my kids friends, the woods that surround our home, the pool, my sense of security...) Today I am going to tell you about a moment I am NOT going to miss. I am NOT going to miss this:

Once I reach that imaginary, always longing for, distant weight I want to be, I will be so excited to GET OFF THE TREADMILL! Yes, I know if I ever get to that magic number I will have to maintain to stay there, but I won't have to hang out with this machine everyday. And that is the moment I will NOT miss.

Today not missing is so much easier to deal with, I hope you understand. :) Have a great weekend everyone!

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Carol said...

As much as I love my cross trainer I will be elated when I don't NEED to spend quite so much time in it's company.

Totally know how you feel.

Kelsey said...

ohh treadmills, yeah I won't miss those either!
I especially won't miss my tennis shoes, my florida feet like to live in sandals at all times!
Love the songs by the way, I hadn't heard them before on your blog. The one that you have playing by Adele is one of my faves!

Pam said...

yeah, i am wishing that "blog tag" counted as exercise a little more often!!

Mom24 said...

We moved our treadmill out to make room for a train table. Now, the train table hardly gets any use, but I just can't bring myself to swap it back out again. ;-)