Sunday Signspotting: week eleven

Okay kiddie's, its time for some exciting news! We are packing up the ol' family and moving to Arizona! I am excited and ready for the challenge. Only 2 things I am apprehensive about, putting our house up for sale in the current market *have you seen how crappy it is?* And secondly I have less then a month to get it all done! Packing, showing the house to potential buys, looking for a place to rent till we have time to find one to buy out there, switching all my magazine subscriptions... the list is never ending. Please keep our family in your prayer during this transition. We ca't wait to see all our family and friends out west! Now on to some easy fun:

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i am simply surfing the net on various funny sign websites and putting them here for your viewing pleasure)

If you’re going to live in a place named Cape Fear, you need a positive outlook on life. Here at the Optimist Club, people see the cape half full.
Picture: Victor Hazel

If you can get enough speed on the off ramp, you might just make it.
Picture: Emily Hargraves

Try our delicious steaming socks and underwear, Szechaun-style.
Picture: Todd Busniewski

Please pick them up from carousel three.
Picture: Harvey Bert

Interesting marketing concept. Maybe the tasteless coffee comes with free refills so, as their PR strategy team might say, you can get “all the caffeine and joy of drinking brownish water without having to endure the taste.”
Picture: Sterling Bell

You’d think anyone bright enough to read the sign would also be able to figure out they’re about 50 feet off the ground.
Picture: John Zachar

What helpful driving advice! Perhaps it’s part of a series: “Roll down your window,” “sit up” and “keep breathing.”
Picture: Ann Richards

Ta Ta for now



morewineplease said...

WOW!! Best of luck in your move, I am anxious to hear how fast your house moves. GOOD Luck!! Keep us posted (I would love to sell)

kate said...

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You can't move!!!!! I ma only just getting to SC and I have been so looking forward to getting to hang out with you (in person)! Okay, I am really happy for you though as I can really, really, really understand your desire to be someplace different...I am so happy for you and Joe. How exciting. Stay focused and try not to lose your mind like I have in the last few weeks! Call me if you need mental support!