Vice President Debate...Thoughts?

Alright bloggers, I want to know what you think about the big VP debate. Did you watch it? (I sure hope you did.) Who won, what did you find amusing. Did you agree with them, or learn anything?

My opinion: (Gee, I hope I don't ruffle any feathers, we all have such strong opinions so I am sure you may not agree with mine... This is just food for thought, wondering what us bloggers have to say about our nations future.)

First impression, man was there A LOT of smiling coming from Biden! I think he has a crush on Palin *eeewww cooties!*

Then it went back and forth for quite awhile with no one really answering a question. The topics were all over the map, not one seemed to be in any sort of order.

I ABSOLUTELY agreed with Palin on bank accountability during this dark time in our nations economy. I also think Palin said "John McCain" WAY too many times. Fellow fun to read blogger, McMommy, over at The McMommy Chronicles came up with a great game... Take a drink every time Palin says "John McCain." The fun of making up new college drinking games! Can you imagine how drunk we would have been if we played that game??

I thought Biden did a great job at getting his opinion known, even if it meant bulldozing a topic or interrupting the moderator to do so. He seemed a bit more apt to point fingers at everyone else for their faults though.

All in all they both looked confident, they even agreed on a few topics. I don't know who I could say "won" I felt like Biden was quite defensive, and Palin proved once again she has the gift of public speaking.

OK, your turn! What did you think?

Ta Ta for now


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McMommy said...

I wish I could (hic!) type a coherant comment, but (hic!) I'm all drunk. She said "John McCain" wayyyyyyyyyyy too much...hic!