Sunday Signspotting: week thirteen

It's Sunday and my hubby is actually off from work! Amazing, we never get him on a weekend :) We'll be sure to enjoy every minute. Hope your day is great. Here's your fun for today.

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i just put them here for your viewing pleasure.)

All images used with permission of signspotting.com

Hey kids, forget the amusement park, it’s open house fun day at the funeral home! Last one in the car is a rotting corpse. Picture: Jeanne Keith

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that people might be just as baffled by our toilets as we are by some of theirs. Though, we have yet to see a sign in a squatter instructing people not to sit directly on the hole in the floor. Picture: Marianne Lawrence

We are now searching for signs to “The Amy Winehouse Centre for Sobriety". Picture: Storm Cunningham

In other words, steal a few packs of chewing gum and your body gets more holes than a sponge. A little harsh, maybe, but you can’t say they didn’t warn you. Picture: Ed Skupien

Ever wondered what you’d get if you combined a funeral parlor and a yard sale? No, neither have we. Picture: Judy Richards

So this is what it looks like when the NRA and ecologists find a compromise. Everyone gets something. The hunters get to hunt and the national wildlife protectors get... well, they get this sign. Picture: Robert Rivard

Here’s an interesting business model: Lure them in with stuffed animals, then sell them cheese. Presumably, the cheese looks incredibly lifelike. Picture: Steven Steuck

Ta Ta for now



Kelsey said...

That was too funny!

I LOVED the Amy Winehouse comment..yeah, you're my new fave person.

Oh and "FUN DAY" at a Funeral home..wtf??! maybe one of the games was how fast the kids could dig a hole..

nikkicrumpet said...

HAH...that was great fun. I got a good chuckle from all of them!

underthebigbluesky said...

All right these posts just make me fold over in half laughing.

Have to say the Dead People one took it this a.m.

Thanks for posting them!

Joyce said...


You really made me laugh this morning!

Thanks for visiting my Photo Story Friday. :)

Jade, Will and Illy said...

HAHAHA! I love the one about shoplifting... Sheesh. Good thing I can buy my gum!

Oh and the George W one... now that's just priceless. Love the quote, too... lol :) Have a great day!