Tackle It Tuesdays 10/7

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I think I am having blogger withdrawals! The internet is down so I am typing this in Microsoft Word to copy and paste hopefully later tonight. We are having new flooring installed in the office/playroom and kitchen, hence why my precious internet is unavailable.

It looked like a three ring circus around here this morning. First, the flooring guys actually showed up early! Have you ever had a contractor show up on time, let alone early? Neither have I, and I was NOT prepared. I had just jumped out of the shower, the kids were getting up for another fun filled day of school, and my hubby was sleeping.

I ran to the door to let them in and the chaos began

My hubby quickly jumped out of bed to clear out all the furniture from the rooms about to be torn apart and greet the strangers in our home. My son was wondering around in his underpants wanting to know if he could help, my daughter was standing in the middle of the room, in the way of all foot traffic coming in and going out as the contractors came in with all their stuff. Add to this my lovely LOUD barking dogs that HATE strangers in their home and you have CHAOS!!

It was like pulling teeth to get my munchkins to leave those guys alone. Why are kids so mesmerized by contractors? I guess there’s something about big dudes with loud tools.

They have been here since 7:00 AM, working nonstop. WOW, way to go hard working floor guys, I salute you. My head on the other had isn’t that thrilled with the constant banging and hammering for 9 hours straight.

I am so bored, can’t go anywhere, and I can’t do anything. My “Tackle It Tuesday” for this week is supervising my floor men finish a job for me!

I think I'll go paint the outside storage shed. That needs to get done and it'll kill some time while the guys work on the floor.

Ta Ta for now



Pam said...

Gee, I think I am jeleous of your tackle!! LOL!! Hey come over to my blog... I just tagged you (don't worry no exercise involved, i checked!)

Jennifer P. said...

I feel bad laughing at your semi-misery, but the idea of your little boy in his underwear volunteering to help.....oh! I've been there! :)

Congrats on your new flooring!

BarbaraLee said...

Aren't you glad it only took one day? Now you can mark it off your to do list.