Wordless Wednesday, Pumpkins

Can I say enough times that I LOVE fall? It's just too fun, and the weather is perfect. Now on to being "wordless" (I never follow the rules, sorry!)

Can I jut say one more thing? I am SO proud of my daughter gutting her own pumpkin! She wanted to do everyone's since she enjoyed it so much. That's my girl :) And my other munchkins was obsessed with the flames from the glowing candle inside his pumpkin. Boys and fire... Have a good night everyone!

Ta Ta for now


3 fabulous comments:

WheresMyAngels said...

My youngest would probably think it was too yucky to do herself!

Pam said...

My kids are ready to carve too. (well Jadon is). but then i lose my decorations, and they rot, and then it's all over so fast!!

Scary Mommy said...

Fun! I love fall too. I'm not quite ready to let my kids have at a pumpkin. Maybe next year. :)

Thanks for dropping by!