Wordless Wednesday, Pumpkins

Can I say enough times that I LOVE fall? It's just too fun, and the weather is perfect. Now on to being "wordless" (I never follow the rules, sorry!)

Can I jut say one more thing? I am SO proud of my daughter gutting her own pumpkin! She wanted to do everyone's since she enjoyed it so much. That's my girl :) And my other munchkins was obsessed with the flames from the glowing candle inside his pumpkin. Boys and fire... Have a good night everyone!

Ta Ta for now



WheresMyAngels said...

My youngest would probably think it was too yucky to do herself!

Pam said...

My kids are ready to carve too. (well Jadon is). but then i lose my decorations, and they rot, and then it's all over so fast!!

Scary Mommy said...

Fun! I love fall too. I'm not quite ready to let my kids have at a pumpkin. Maybe next year. :)

Thanks for dropping by!