Water Fall On Me

What is it about hot showers that makes a long day just go down the drain and disappear? There is countless evidence of the healing power of water (please, don't make me look it up... I'm tired! Go ahead, google it, i swear there's something there.) But I am still amazed what a little water can do.

I remember water being such a reason for joy as a kid, mention of the beach, sprinkler, or pool and I was there!

As a pregnant woman, water aerobics made even my sorest muscles feel better.

Now as a mom of 2 V E R Y active children I am lucky to get 5 minutes of freedom, let alone a shower!

So tonight I put the kids to bed early after my hubby left for his weekly bowling league and I took a LONG hot shower. Yup, you heard me, uninterrupted bathing! No fingers under the door, no "mommy" being yelled from another room, nothing. Just me, myself and I. (Oh and my razor, poor razor thinks I don't love him anymore because who has time to shave their legs???)

I just stood there, paralyzed, enjoying silence and hot water. I honestly can't remember the last time I was able to wash my hair, shave my legs, and use my scented body wash all in one shower! Now I feel great! I am ready to tackle tomorrow.

Am I the only one who is mesmerized by the healing power of water? OK, now I have spent an entire blog discussing my shower. GOD i need a girls night out!!

Ta Ta for now



American in Norway said...

Oh the things we come to appreciate after becoming mommies...
Glad you got your shower!

kate said...

Oh you are so right! I really do know how you feel, and often when I do get that extra five minutes to linger, I can't help but feel guilty for feeling like I am being too indulgent with the water...but then I think, SO WHAT! It's not like it happens all that often, and really, it is amazing how great it can make you feel!