My Little Friends

Want to know what I am secretly in love with? My USB Flash Drives!! Yes, I am so romantic. USB flash drives are compact file storage devices to save your information externally, in case you didn't already know that.

You might be asking yourself "Why is she in love with that?" Because I found this company called Mimobot that sells designer ones, and they are beyond cute. The first one I purchased to help keep track of audio files and things bought on iTunes. "Wicket" a Star Wars Ewok, came right to my door, it was love at first sight. Well, I couldn't have just one. "Wicket" needed a friend, and I needed more Drive space for other documents. (Sometimes being a nerdy mom can be so fun.)

So I went back to their website and tried to find the right character for me. Trust me when I say it was a hard decision, I wanted them all. I finally found who I was looking for, "Betty Lou." A Rock-a-billy chic with pink hair.

When she finally arrived at my door I couldn't believe how adorable she was. Her purpose has become holding important word documents, such as emergency information, our monthly budget, and e-mail contacts.

Now you might be wondering why I put all this stuff on external drives. Why not just keep all that stuff on your home computer? Well, after losing WAY too many important files due to computer "issues" I decided never again to be ill prepared for any technological accidents. Now I have these little guys in my laptop case, safe and with me at all times. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The last Flash Drive to become a part of my dorky little computer family is "RayD8" He is a happy skeleton, and he glows in the dark! Being that Halloween is coming soon I thought he'd fit in well. His purpose is still unknown, I am thinking possibly irreplaceable photos or just plain added storage.

I fear I have shown too much of my dorky side to you all, please forgive me for loving USB Flash Drives! What is something silly you find totally amusing?

Ta Ta for now


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Tina said...

You've always been our "little computer wizard"! Those flash drive thingies are cute....I'm still trying to figure out how to send pictures! Us "older generation" parents couldn't survive without our hip and in-the-know children. And luckily for me, my precious daughter speaks my language when it comes to modern technology. Her father, on the other hand, no matter how hard he tries, only makes things way more confusing. So, here's to incredibly patient children, willing to lend a helping hand for their often confused parents! Love certainly makes the world go round!