Down the Isle again, and again, and again, and again...

Why is it that going to the grocery store is such a big deal? When ever we are running low on food and goods Joe and I wait till the last minute to see if the other one is going to go. Before we had children, this was not the case. I loved going, seeing all the wonderful food arranged so nice, wondering what concoction I could come up with. Now, not so much.

Now I have Munchkin and Mini-Munchkin in tow. Could someone please tell me why they don't make kids seats in shopping carts fit them till they are 10? Something about the grocery store bring out this evil side in both my children. They don't throw hissy-fits like those scenes in movies when a mom takes her toddler to the store. But, some how i still leave the store frazzled.

Currently we are good on food so let's just take a sigh of relief for a second. (Woo Hoo!) Here's a preview of a typical "grocery store event" from the top:

  • Entering the store one child is always way behind, reluctantly walking in the parking lot. "Please hurry up, you're going to get run over! Stay close to me when we're in a parking lot, i mean it!"
  • After getting a cart that actually roles I have to convince Audrey that she "wants" to ride in the cart. "But sweetie, won't your little legs get tired?" One child immobile is SO much easier.
  • Then we're off: zig zagging up and down each isle grabbing what looks good, never mind that we have a grocery list. Have you ever tried to hold one of those with two kids around? "Mommy I wanna hold it!" "NO, I want to! Not fair! Gimme!" Hence the list is usually ripped in half and I am flying blind.
  • As we shop there are occasional spontaneous Olympic races that take place. Zane always wins. "Get back over here? Do you need to have a time out?"
  • Towards the end Audrey gets out, tired of being trapped and I can't convince her to stay in the shopping cart any longer. Then the craziness begins!! "Stay near mommy please"
  • Both kids are now bored, and want to go home. So they misbehave, only minor infractions at first, but it gets worse...
  • Come checkout time, people around me must wonder what is wrong with my kids. Arms raised in the air like a chimp ready to attack (they sound like it too) they start running around the movie kiosk. "Zane and Audrey, right here, right now!"
  • Could the check out lady go ANY slower? I seem to always be stuck in the wrong lane. "Children! I mean it, get over hear!" giggles coming from behind the magazine rack fill the store.
  • Still waiting, come on lady, pick up, scan, repeat. How hard could that be?
    Now the kids have found the handicap check writing tales that pop out of the counter. "Stop opening that to see if it will smack your sister!" Smoke is now coming out of my ears.
  • Shaking and irritated, not quite sure where I am anymore, i finally get to leave. "Come on guys, time to go home."
  • Parking lot to the car is a breeze, not sure why. Wonder what the two of them are plotting on our way to the car. "Stay with mommy."
  • In the car, we made it! Success! Thank You Lord for helping me get out of their alive!

Crap... I forgot milk. NOOOOOOO!!! "Everyone out of the car again."

Ta Ta for now


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sarah said...

Uhhhhhhhh...maybe I'll just stick with the one kid...

J/K...haha :)