Sunday Signspotting: week eight

I am finally feeling better, the sniffles have moved on. Unfortunately this cold moved on to my husband. Hopefully by next week we will all be 100% healthy again.

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i am simply surfing the net on various funny sign websites and putting them here for your viewing pleasure)

Think your date is going to get suspicious if you take her here?

Burned sofas, moldy carpet, insect-infested bed… what more could you wish for from an interior decorator?

There's something over there, but we're not sure what it is.

There's a special room for tasting manure?

Maybe they are sorry to be open. That is, the owners would rather be doing something else than selling tribal art to tourists. By the way, what is "new" tribal art?

Unless you have a miracle up your sleeve, you might wait until winter before attempting this.

So it really is possible to get lost and know exactly where you are.

Ta Ta for now


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