Super Mom TV Shows

So here it is almost 2:00 AM and (obviously) I am awake. I made the mistake of watching one of those "super mom shows" this evening. You know the kind of shows I'm talking about:

These moms have a lot on their plates, may children and WAY more house work then I will ever have. The women in these TV shows just amaze me. They can do anything! I look at their lives filled with many children, and yet they can get more done in a day then I can in a week. Frustrating!! Sometimes I feel motivated after watching one, while other times I feel completely inadequate. It must depend on my mood that day.

After I got done watching my show, I looked over at my sleeping children laying next to me (Daddy is on night shift, so I can sneak them in with me) and thought "All the things I could get done while they sleep!" My momentum is starting to slow down now, but in 3 short hours I have done so much. OK, true I can't stay up all night, nor can I stay up this late on a regular basis or no one in this house is going to enjoy being around "miss grouchy pants" for very long. I just don't get how these women do it all and still have a smile on their face 24/7?!? What ever their super powers are, I want them too.

On the plus side, my house is looking fabulous. On the negative side, no one will ever notice...
The kids will wake up for school, rushing to get out the door dropping breakfast crumbs along the way. My husband is working night-shift and will get home in time to say "good night" and go off to dream land. Well, by the time he wakes up in the afternoon the kids will have already wreaked the entire house, he'll never know. So, for this brief moment in time I will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Ta Ta for now



sarah said...

I totally know what you mean! I watch those shows to motivate me too! Just like watching The Biggest Loser...I'm like, "if they can work out that hard then so can I!!!"

Anywho, I think when you have so many kids like that it forces you to become organized...kind of like when you barely have enough money each month it forces you to stick to a budget.

Love ya! :)

kate said...

Oh yeah, and I am sure that they have loads of help too...maybe I am wrong, but seriously, how could they not? What you see on TV isn't always reality. Take it easy on yourself... you area super mom too!!!!! I am glad you are feeling better!