Sunday Signspotting: week seven

Well, Tropical Storm Hanna came by to visit... No big deal, or as my favorite funny news website Fark.com put it "Tips for New Yorkers to help them get through Tropical Storm Hanna or as Floridians (and South Carolinian's) call it, a thunderstorm."

If the weather man hadn't spent all day worrying people about this storm system I honestly don't know if I would have noticed it as a day different then any other. But, our eyes are watching Hurricane Ike. He is going to be scary. Depending on where he decides to go, next weeks "Sunday Signspotting" might be postponed. Ok, here you go for this weeks, enjoy!

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i am simply surfing the net on various funny sign websites and putting them here for your viewing pleasure)

I like how the Germans think!

Here's what happens when you don't follow what the sign says

Hey Rover, Fetch!

Let's hope Australian guide dogs can read.

Now here's a challenge for even the most experienced traveler: hit the toilet all the way from your car. With wild animals roaming this Namibian game park, you may not have much choice.

Who said all roads lead to Rome? Welcome to Windjammer (neighborhood motto: Windjammer!) Now, just try to find your way out.

Forget cloning and high-tech laboratories. In Mozambique they've figured out how to do it with a team of contractors.

Ta Ta for now


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