Girl Power In The Yard

"She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey
she works hard for the money
so you better treat her right"
~Donna Summer

OK, so maybe I don't make money, but I should! I am a pooped puppy, our yard was starting to look like the Adams family had moved in. So it was mommy to the rescue!

As I was mowing the front lawn this morning I noticed our neighbors were getting a new roof put on. There was a woman roofer, so cool. She didn't speak any English as we said our Hello's (I mean our Hola's.) It was so humid, I felt for her standing up in the hot sun on a dark roof. At one point the men took a break, but she diligently kept right on, as did I. Every time I would make that turn to come back near the neighbors house, there she was waving with a smile on her face.

Two women busting their booty's, while the men sat... Even with the language barrier, we had a clear understanding how the other one felt. GIRL POWER!

So now all the lawns (side, front, back) are mowed, the edges have all been weed whacked, weeds pulled from the flower beds, kids yard toys put away, and dog bowls refilled with fresh water.

*sigh* It looks so pretty, I'm so proud. Now it's time to go get the kids from preschool so they can run through the freshly mowed grass and wave in excitement at my new friend next door putting on a roof.

Ta Ta for now



kate said...

Go Liz!!! I remember my days of roofing in Americorps (a volunteer organization in which we helped to rebuild things, worked in schools etc...) and yeah, it was tough work- especially in the heat! But seriously, go you for getting out there and taking on the tasks that need tending to and taking note of someone else's hard work too!

Tina said...

Really girls, we all know who runs this country don't we!!! Wanted to send out a special "hello" to Kate!! I read in your comment that you did some "time" with Americorp! That is so COOL! I worked closely with some of those great people in New Orlean's on a Habitat build. GREAT ORGANIZATION! Let's just pray the federal government doesn't cut all their financing because it would be a tragedy to loss such a great organization. Hope all is well w/you and your adorable family. Welcome to our state!