Peace Day... Today

Today is the official day of Peace around the world. Did you know there was such a day? It became an official "holiday" On September 7, 2001. And each year this wonderful day spreads wider around the world.

Today I made a commitment to teach my children about the importance of a day when we all stop and do something, anything, for a peaceful world.

Can you even imagine how wonderful it would be for just ONE DAY guns were put down, and bombs weren't killing innocent people. It makes me feel like there is hope for our troubled world.

Please take a moment to check out the website Peace One Day and watch this video to learn how it all started and what you can do to help bring peace to our world.

"If you build a house you start with one brick. If we want to build peace, why not start with one day? And that day has arrived." -Jeremy Gilley - Founder of Peace One Day

Peace One Day: Introduction

Happy Peace Day Everyone!
(Sunday Signspotting is below, I thought this was important enough to have 2 posts today)

Ta Ta for now



Tina said...

Thanks for passing on the "peace", one e-mail at a time!

Jennifer P. said...

It would be a little better to have "peace for a year", but baby steps are good too, right? :)

Well normally I would tell people "don't follow--lead!", but in the case of my blog, thanks for being a follower!

Wishing YOU peace today. And thanks for the great message.