Lizards on My Arm

Zane was so proud of himself for catching a baby lizard in our backyard.

I love seeing my children explore this beautiful planet. Our weather is wonderful now, but I am afraid it might be the "calm before the storm." Hurricane Hannah is headed our way, I'm not too worried because we are about 75 miles inland. But just in case Mother Nature rears her ugly head, we have been trying to savor the sunshine and fresh air as much as possible today. I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day!

Ta Ta for now



Tina said...

Uh to enjoy Our Lord's beautiful creations thru the hearts of children! All thanks to a "Mommy" who helps them see all the wonders this world holds!

kate said...

Liz- How fun! My sister, Krista in Savannah is fretting about Hurricane Hannah too...Hopefully neither of you will feel too much of the effects! Pete started his new job in Columbia today! I hope you are well!