Sunday Signspotting: week six

The weather is amazing, I think the kids and I might go for a nature walk and see what we can find!

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i am simply surfing the net on various funny sign websites and putting them here for your viewing pleasure)

Please make sure you are using the correct lady.

Now here's a recipe for disaster. Looks like the producers of "Survivor" are working on a project the whole city can enjoy.

Here's one theory: Maybe "Three Mile Village" was already taken. Or the town was founded before odometers really caught on.

The streets in Wausau are kept so clean you could perform surgery on them. Except for the curb lane, which is typically reserved for the intensive care unit.

All traffic will be temporarily rerouted through Mecca.

If you're looking for Somass, you might try Vancouver Island.

Finally, a restaurant that combines the taste of railway cuisine with the convenience of a stomach clinic. All for a reasonable price.

Ta Ta for now


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