I Love You Joe

Instead of "Sunday Signspotting" I have created something for my husband

My friend Sarah just celebrated her wedding anniversary and did a photo memory lane of her relationship with her hubby. I LOVED the idea so much, and being that today Joe and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary I thought you'd like to see our "memory lane."

It all started with a Navy boy and a college girl in Charleston, South Carolina. Year 2000. Mutual friends introduced us and a few months later we finally hooked up at a local rock concert. Look at that young and strapping boy! And my goodness I have silly hair! (That was just for the picture, i SWEAR it wasn't like this normally!)

Once we started dating we were with each other 24/7
Here we are in North Carolina for me to meet his family for the first time. Can you tell I am trying my best to not be nervous?

The Navy called Joe away and he moved to Seattle in 2001. I was very sad, but I flew out to see him often...

And when I was finished with College I moved to Seattle too! To be with this studly man of course :) Here we are in front of our first apartment together. I loved that place.

We spent a lot of time hiking and enjoying each others company. In Washington we truly fell in love, it was the beginning of so much more.

Our first child, Louie. He was still a puppy when I returned home from work one day to find this tied to his dog collar. All I could do was jump up and down "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Our wedding day August 17, 2002
Man am I skinny! I want that body again.

Then "Surprise!" Honeymoon baby. My mom and I headed for my baby shower.

Our little man Zane was born in 2003.

Surprise #2, Audrey, was born in 2004 (How does this keep happening?!?!) God truly knows what we can handle even when we aren't sure.

And then they were 4. Thank you Lord for all you have given me, I am truly blessed.

I could not ask for anything more. Thank you Joe for being such a wonderful husband, loving father, and great best friend. Could we have ever imagined a life like this 8 years ago when we first met? I am honored to be your wife. I love you sweet heart.

Ta Ta for now



sarah said...

I love it!!! I feel like we just caught up the last 6 years!!! Congratulations!!! Oh, and kudos for surviving 2 kids so close together...you're my hero!!! :)

kate said...

Liz- Congrats on the anniversary! Pete and I had so much fun at your wedding!!!! It seems like only last year that we were there...how different things are now, aren't they?

It looks like you and Joe are still so much in love and really, I agree, kudos on doing such a great job with two kids so close together! I am in the same boat and just counting the days until they are both potty trained and able to feed themselves!