Oh My Aching Back!

I am in pain, I think our bed is out to get me. A few years ago Joe and I purchased one of those "Sleep Number Beds" and it really is cool. He gets to have a rock hard bed, and I get to have a soft fluffy bed. Well, lately the pump thingy (yes, that's the official term, ha ha) hasn't been working quite right and I feel like I've been sleeping on the ground covered in rocks. Sounds comfy huh?

Sure the easy solution would be to give the company a call so they can fix it. But, guess who keeps forgetting to do that during regular business hours? Yup, me. Come bedtime is when I remember. OUCH!

I think tonight I might go sleep in Zane's bed, his is the most comfortable bed in the house. So today I am going to hobble along hunched over trying desperately to conquer the growing laundry mountain that has taken over my life. Please say a little prayer for me today.

Ta Ta for now


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