Families Rock!

As you may have noticed I have not been blogging as much the last few days. I have been feeling under the weather. I made the mistake of coming off a heavy dose of medication I have been taking for the last year without doctor supervision (which you should not do by the way) and it kicked my butt! Seriously, I have been like a dizzy, confused, zombie the last few days. Makes you wonder what goes into some of the medication we take.

Any how, through this tough time my mom has been worried about her "baby girl". When she found out I passed out home alone with the kids 2 days ago she had enough of sitting on the sidelines. *Cue the superman theme song*
My mom drove 3 hours to help me out, so sweet! Now anyone who knows my mom will say "Oh that's just Tina, she'll drop anything to give a helping hand." But, if you don't know her, this is such a true statement. Here is what she accomplished in just 1.5 days at my house:

2 trips to the grocery store, a mountain of laundry completely washed and put away, scrubbed 2 bathrooms from top to bottom, cleaned the baseboards throughout the house, garbage detail, changed sheets on the beds, dusted the entire house, cleaned ceiling fans, entertained 2 rowdy kids, had a "pony race" with Audrey, emptied the dishwasher and loaded it, played Star Wars with Zane, AND took care of me!

Truly amazing, I can only hope to be half the Superwoman she is. And no, she is not for rent, you can't have her, she's my mom! :)

I also want to acknowledge how super awesome my husband has been as well. Just helping me with the kids when I need it and being a constant shoulder to lean on is such a wonderful gift.

I am anxious to be my old self again and not feel like I spent 5 hours spinning on a tire swing. But hey, you never know, I might come up with some pretty entertaining blog topics while my head isn't screwed on right!

Ta Ta for now


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Tina said...

I wouldn't have been anywhere else! Like I said Honey, if you could do everything yourself, why would you need God? And since He is a busy guy, that's why he made families! You are my world "Baby Bungus"! Mom