Just Another Early Morning

For once in a VERY long time it is chilly this morning. I am currently all wrapped up in Zane's John Deere green blanket geeking on this computer. Trust me, I did not wake up early by choice, my body just wouldn't go back to sleep after the early morning restroom trip. Darn you small bladder!

Outside I can hear frogs and crickets joining together in their pre-sunrise concerto. I love that sound. It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, hearing those two sing together reminds me of camping as a young girl in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I sure miss that.

I am at a loss as to what I should write about today. My brain has too much swirling around in it right now and I am not sure I could stay on track long enough to make sense, ha ha. Oh I know...

Have you all been watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics? It is on 24/7 in our house. I LOVE it! Last night was a great night: Diving, Gymnastics, Swimming. I am blown away by these athletes. What dedication they must have. If I were to place last in any Olympic sport I would still be phenomenal. Just to make it there is an accomplishment in itself. I enjoy seeing all these countries come together and get along. It proves we have the ability to do so if everyone tries. I wish they put more effort into getting along all the time. What a peaceful world we would have.

My kids can't quite grasp this "Sports of the World" concept. Zane keeps asking me if I am rooting for a certain athlete because they are from California. So sweet, but I reply "No sweet heart, I am rooting for Team USA. It doesn't matter what state they are from, they are all on the same team during the Olympics." Audrey simply says whenever she sees the television "Oh Mom! Why are the Olympics on again? Do they ever end? I wanna watch a cartoon!" Someday little girl you will learn how important these games are to foreign relations and how valuable they are to experiencing so many different cultures in one setting.

Alright, well I am off to find something productive to do that does not make noise (Keep those kids asleep!) Guess that rules out dishes, laundry, vacuuming, hey... maybe I won't do anything productive. WOOHOO! I guess I'll have to watch the Olympics, bummer. :) *smile*

Ta Ta for now


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