Rock Daddy Rock

The kids are running around the backyard looking for frogs and I am on the back deck playing on my laptop. What better time to review some kids music?

Time for some "silly short songs for silly short people" That is the title of a great new kids album by Rock Daddy Rock. I popped it in the CD player and here is what my kids had to say:

Zane's Music Review:
  • The "Boogers" Song is Fantastic! But, you really shouldn't eat boogers anyway.
  • "Your Room's A Mess" is SO cool. (as he sits playing air drums rocking out next to the radio)
  • "Green" Hey, I think my teeth were green once.

Audrey's Music Review:

  • The "Diaper" song is nasty, yuck! I don't like poopy diapers.
  • "Do The Burp" had her laughing hysterically.
  • "Time For Bed" Oh Mommy, I like this one! (as she twirled like a ballerina on the grass)
Both kids really enjoyed this Album, I have a feeling I will be listening to this in the car quite a few times, but that's okay because I really enjoy it too! If you like old school Beastie Boys you'll love this! Their favorite thing has to be this music video on the web site:

Have fun with your children. Laugh with them and try to teach them something in the process.

Ta Ta for now



kate said...

Great Reviews!!! I am looking forward to having some time over the next day or two to catch up on your blog...Life has been so chaotic around here!

By the way- when you say other blog, are you talking about Krista's Adventure? I started one for my sister, just to play around with....I haven't even actually told her about it yet!

Hope you're well and can't wait to be able to hang out with you every so often living so close!!!!

sarah said...

Old school Beastie Boys??? I'm so there!!! --haha!!!