Lego Stormtroopers

I found these images on flickr and thought I would share them with you. Just too funny! So in honor of my Star Wars obsessed son (who plays the Lego game ALL the time) here is some Storm Trooper education:

The Tough Life of a Storm Trooper (yes, I am aware I am a dork. Why do you ask?)

Such a sunny day, seems a shame to spend it traveling on the Imperial transports.

Chewie and a few unfortunate Lego stormtroopers who had a bad day.

After successfully neutralizing the Rebel presence in the romantic flower-filled field, TK-433 and TK-562 realize there's more to life than serving the Empire.

The Lego stormtrooper command discovers some new technology.

Things have been a bit rough since the fall of the Empire.

Not all Stormtroopers did so badly after the fall of the Empire. TK-754 now owns a moderately successful washing machine spares supply business on Coruscant.

Ta Ta for now


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