This Moms Eco-Anxiety

I recently saw a post about "Eco-Anxiety" and it made me start thinking about my own issues with going green:

Things I am currently feeling guilty about:

  1. I don’t always take my re-usable bags to the grocery store.
  2. I drive everywhere.
  3. I forgot to recycle a pile of soda cans on the kitchen counter.
  4. There are at least thirty appliances in my house that are plugged in at all times.
  5. I LOVE my hot morning shower and stay in just a little too long.
  6. The world of my unborn grandchildren will be ungodly hot, semi-submerged and polar bear-free because I can not sleep in a room without the air conditioning on.

I could go on, but I think my problem is pretty clear; I have this thing called Eco-Anxiety. I first noticed the symptoms a few years back when my mom was suffering from heart "issues" due to toxic cleaning products. I found myself ridding my cupboards of any cleaners containing toxic chemicals, researching what was best to use instead, and trying to "detox" my home in anticipation of our first munchkin. Over time I have learned more and now try to teach my kids about recycling, taking care of our planet, and using cloth napkins. But the more I’ve learned about going green, the more anxious I’ve become. Because the truth is, it’s not easy to be a stay at home mom raising two kids, run a household, get dinner on the table (ha ha that's a funny one!), take the kids to their activities, and remember to R.S.V.P. to birthday parties.

It’s not easy to completely change my lifestyle and all of my habits in order to make the world just a little bit greener. I mean, just a few short years ago, the only things I felt guilty about were missing Zane's bath time because I was too tired, or taking a nap with my kids when the house was still a mess. But now, I feel guilty for just about everything. The new deadly sins are using clothes dryers, taking long showers, running the air conditioner, driving too much, buying imported foods, and putting snacks in plastic baggies.

I have to say, though, I’ve been pretty good about fixing the error of my ways. Like our new recycling center. But, everyone has a weakness, and mine is laziness. It is very hard to have these high green goals in a small town where I have limited resources. (Thank God for the internet!) But I am truly doing my best. It's just some days I want to crank up the air, sit on my butt while the dryer and dishwasher run and for ONCE not feel guilty about it!

I think the key is to try your best, make an effort and teach your kids something in the process. What are you guilty about?

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Sarah Edwards said...

You needn't feel guilty, because you're aware and doing your best. Like you say it isn't easy to change such basic things in your life. They are so habitual and part of what we think of normal life that it's almost like they are inbred in our culture, so you get lots of kudos just for noticing and doing what you can. I don't find guilt helps me want to change my life with a positive spirit. It invitee me to feel bad and pressed. I prefer to feel determined to do what I can and patient with myself as I make the changes I can.
Cheers to you.