Role Play

Everyone sees the world in so may different ways, and we all learn differently too. Kids are a great example of this. What we know as absolute, a child can change in a split second. I love their little imaginations. I love the simplicity of their thinking. I love how they can create their own little worlds and live happily in them.

My daughter loves her little Disney princess dolls. She can play in her room for long periods of time dressing and undressing them, making up stories with them. One theme has been constant in her little role playing... polygamy and bestiality. I can just hear you know "WHAT!?" Ha Ha, did I get your attention yet?

Let's meet the characters in this play:

Belle (she is always the one with no clothes on and HATES when the Beast spends all his time with other girls.)

The Beast (he obviously is the stud in the bunch, he more or less just lays around while the girls play dress up and dance.)

Aurora a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty (she is the Beasts other girlfriend, he spends most of the time with her.)

Of course there is nothing wrong with this role playing, it is completely innocent. No need for therapy here. But the mom in me wants to look deeper. Does Audrey believe these truths? That women like to look their best, that wives get jealous if our husbands spend too much time with other women, that men sit around a lot while women hop from place to place, that skinny blondes catch the eye of some men... Hum, where do they learn this stuff? Are we as women born with these feeling? I never thoughts so, but now I am not so sure.

I simply wanted to point out how we all see things a different way. And how silly my daughter is. How amazing it is to be able to look at the world threw a child's eye. Have a good Saturday and we'll talk soon.

Ta Ta for now


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sarah said...

If you've never read Captivating now would be the time! It will not only help you understand yourself, but your daughter too! Heck, it'll even help your husband understand the women in his life! My dad was pretty upset that this book wasn't around when he got married and had a girl!

Love ya!