Returned Home

The family and I had a nice few days at my mom and dad's empty home. The munchkins couldn't quite figure out why "Papa & Lala" weren't there though. I hope they are having a nice vacation as well.

After we arrived in Charleston we headed to Patriots Point for some fun learning. I love going here, It is a Naval & Maritime Museum. First we went aboard the USS Clamagore.

Clamagore is a Balao Class submarine that was in training when WWII came to an end. Through blockades and torpedo attacks the Gato and then Balao Class submarines played a critical role in winning the WWII Pacific theater.

It was great for the kids to get an idea of what Joe did in the US Navy when he was aboard the USS Salt Lake City Submarine. I still can't grasp the idea of so many men in tight quarters hundreds of feet below the surface. I would go crazy. Also part of our day we went on the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier.

At nearly 900 feet in length, weighing in at more than 27,000 ton and bristling with weapons and war planes, the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-10) was one of the most imposing modern marvels on the planet during WWII. But it was her crew, some 2,500 sailors, who brought her to life, generated her fearless spirit and christened her with the nickname The Fighting Lady.

This was my favorite part. Maybe because I grew up during the time of the "Top Gun" era. I get so excited seeing fighter planes atop a flight deck. The kids were amazed at how big the ship was.

We spent the rest of the trip relaxing and enjoying one another. I wish my kids could stay small just a bit longer, it is so wonderful to teach them new things and watch them discover the world. Tomorrow is Audrey's 4th birthday. My baby girl another year older, See? I told you they don't listen to their mother. I say "stay small" and they grow anyway. :)

Ta Ta for now


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