Poor Silly Angel

Today Audrey had minor Oral surgery. She did great, currently she is lounging on the couch watching "Cinderella 3" laying with her favorite pillow and stuffed animal. She was such a trooper this morning.

When the dentist first took us back to the room Audrey was nervous, understandably so. But oh boy, once they gave her the sedation medication it was on. I haven't giggled with my little girl like that in a long time. She had gone to the land of silliness. She kept trying to touch her tongue and then poke her eye instead. Then she began making funny animal noises while sitting upside down. I felt sad she had to have this done, but I was also glad to see her enjoying it quite a bit.

After about an hour it was all done and I carried my floppy, sleepy, silly child back to the car. Now the emotional side has kicked in. She keeps letting out little whimpers for her daddy. She wants a hug from him. (He's working and can't get home till tonight.)

So today will probably be a "TV day" the kids don't get those very often since I don't want their brains to turn to mush. But, I think we'll just veg out and watch movies today. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Ta Ta for now


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