Getting Centered

One reason I always love coming to my parents house is I always leave feeling "centered," healed, better then when I got here. Call it my mommy therapy. I hope when my kids are adults they will feel that way when coming home.

As you probably figured out, I am visiting my mom and dad this weekend. My hubby is working L O N G shifts (as always) and the kids and I needed a pick me up. Last night the house was filled with laughing children, a silly grandpa, and two chatty women enjoying a glass of wine. My mom won't admit it, but i get the infectious chatter from her :)

Coloring book time with their Pa Pa

Today should be fun, my dad (also known as Pa Pa) will be on munchkin wrangling detail, possibly including a trip to the beach for sandcastle making. My mom and I will be going to Earthling Day Spa for messages and pedicures, thanks mom!

*sigh* It's always nice to come home. We live half a days drive away from them. Since I am not a native southern girl and my family is all out in beautiful California, I am so lucky my kids have some family out here.

For your listening and viewing pleasure my dad (the drummer) and his band Ocean Drive Party Band rockin' out jazz style. Be sure to pause the music player before starting this video.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Ta Ta for now


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Tina said...

I'm SO glad you like coming home because we LOVE having you! You know our world revolves around you and the kiddos! What are we going to do without you?????