You're Gonna Miss This... Moment, mini-munchkin days

I already miss my long days with my munchkin before he went off to school, now I have to savor the days i have with the mini-munchkin before she heads off to school next year. I will miss the fun moments when we venture off to the local park and get some "mommy & daughter" time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This "You're Gonna Miss This...Moment"
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You're Gonna Miss This . Remember to cherish every
God has given us.

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Your daughter is so cute!!! And her hat rocks!!!

I liked the story about Faith too - and even though many have heard of her, I had to blog about her!

kate said...

Liz- what fantastic photos! I am trying to make an effort to take Juliana to the park or library while Nate is in school too...it's hard, I always feel like I have to rush home and clean or something while he is in preschool as it's so much easier to do housework with one than two...BUT, poor Jules needs some one on one too...Thanks for motivating me even more! Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

Every time I start to feel overwhelmed by my kids I tell myself, they're not always going to want to be hanging all over you so enjoy it while you can. And I do.

Anna Lefler said...

Awww...fabulous photos! Love 'em!

Have a great weekend...

:^) Anna

Anonymous said...

she is beyond adorable and can i say again how that park rocks!

boo told me she missed her pre school days. i have to agree, there just never seems to enought time anymore.

Anonymous said...

Aw! She is so cute!!!!!!!!!

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Awww-so sweet!!
Im going to be feeling that pain as well when my lil princess leaves to go to school...not looking forward to those days!

MindyLew said...

Thanks for sharing your fun times! Wonderful captured moments!!
Have a great weekend too!!

April said...

what a cute kiddo :-) and a great looking park too!

Jennifer P. said...

Oh I agree 100%!~ Savor every kid moment!

American in Norway said...

Great Shots! I can't even think about Eva starting school... whaaa