Sick Foods

My Munchkin isn't feeling well, I think he has a little chest cold. Poor guy :( We leave for California on Wednesday to visit family and I would hate for him to miss out on adventures with his cousins due to illness.

As a little girl, when I was sick my mom would always give me flat soda, toast (cut into triangles of course) and
chicken noodle soup. It always warmed me up and made me feel better. Even today whenever I have these items I smile and remember my mom taking care of me.

I have the soup all ready for my little man.
I hope my munchkins look back on these memories and smile as well. As a mom now, I understand why my mom did these things. It is heart breaking to watch your kids suffer, even the tiniest bit.

What did your mom or dad do for you when you were a sick child? Do you do the same things for your kids?

Ta Ta for now



whereismymind said...

Awww, such a sweet mommy! My mom would let us snuggle up with a soft blanket and pillows in front of the t.v. and bring us soup, sprite and crackers all day! And it's exactly what I do for my family when they are sick!

Mom24 said...

My dad would make me eggs in a bowl. I wish I knew how to make it--sometimes when I'm sick now I crave it. It was soft-boiled eggs with bread (toast?) all cut up and mixed together. Sounds gross, but it was comfort food.

Hope he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

You know, growing up my mom always made lipton chicken noodle soup and added in extra big egg noodles.

During one of my miscarriages I had to have someone with me to monitor me (in case needing to go to ER) so my Mom came and made that same soup, w/ the extra big noodles, and it was pure bliss!

kate said...

You are such a great mom! My mom used to boil ginger root, for ginger tea...I absolutley hated the smell of it, but it always made me feel better...I guess I trusted that she knew best...and she did! She also did the whole soup thing too and vicks vapor rub on our chests..I loved that feeling! Hope Zane feels better soon and safe travels to CA!!!

Anonymous said...

Jell-o or pudding with whip cream. I give my kids whatever the heck they want when they're sick. Especially lots of snuggles.

Anonymous said...

We had egg and bread too! I thought we were the only ones.

And chicken soup with Ritz crackers at my Grandmoms when she was babysitting.

I hope your Munchkin is feeling better soon and the rest of you stay healthy for your trip.

Something about their little bodies just makes you want to make it all better, I know.

Kelsey said...

Aww what a good mom!

When I was little I would have the worst stomach cramps and my dad would come into my room at like 12 AM and he would give me prune juice mixed with milk. It sounds as disgusting as it tastes! It helped though..

I never got to stay home sick with anyone, I always stay by myself so the only memories I have of that is getting the occasional popsicle brought into my room at like 8 pm when my dad got home from work. I plan on making soup for my kids!

jtr4511 said...

Love ur Blog - glad I found it!
When were were little and not feeling well we always got to sleep on the couch so we could be on the same level as my mom and dad (my bedroom was upstairs). We use to get toast lightly buttered and cut into triagles, warm 7Up and crackers. Now I do the same for my kids except the sleeping on the couch part - they prefer their beds!